Hair Routine

I’ve changed up my everyday hair product routine and just wanted to share what my current arsenal is and how I’m liking it. :) I think the Aussie stuff I mention is the same as the last time I talked about this, but I changed the rest.

After showering I like to let my hair air dry as much as possible, just kind of squeegee-ing out some water and then letting it air out. I comb through it with a wide tooth comb to part it and let it dry a bit.

Tip: I have heard a lot about those microfibre hair towels that help hair dry faster because they’re super absorbent. Well, I don’t know much about microfibre, but I did work at Bed Bath & Beyond for a while, and I learned there that beach towels are much more absorbent than household towels. I use a soft beach towel to squeegee my hair after a shower– no microfibre needed.

When I’m ready to start styling my hair (when it’s damp or just slightly dryer than soaking wet), I spray in some Aussie Hair Insurance leave-in conditioner. No lies, this stuff is such a great budget beauty find. It’s $3 or $4, and even my supermarket carries it. It smells very strongly of delicious coconut, and keep my hair feeling and looking GREAT. So I spray that in generously and comb it through (with the wide tooth comb). You can get it at or any local drugstore near you.

After the conditioner comes my new heat protector, Got2B Guardian Angel. This spray promises frizz-free shiny hair and that’s exactly what I get when I use it. I got the flat iron formula even though I don’t flat iron all the time (I try to spare my hair, haha). I’m not wild about the fragrance, but it does a really nice job of making my hair look gorgeous and not fried-looking. This product is about $5 or $6 at drugstores.

When I bought the Guardian Angel, CVS was having some kind of special on Got2B products where if you buy 2 it was almost as cheap as just 1 product, so I picked up this Fat-Tastic volumizing mousse. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine hair (which is a really cool combination as far as versatility goes!). My newest haircut looks really cute with a little volume at the crown, so I thought I’d give this a shot. I actually really like it. I was kind of surprised just now to read some negative reviews on But whatever, more for me! I use a squirt of it that is smaller than a golf ball after it expands in my hand, and flip my head over and work the mousse through the back & top of my head at the roots, making sure it is thoroughly and evenly distributed while my hair is still damp, then blow dry & style as usual. The difference is subtle, but I’m not going for giant Bumpit hair. Keep in mind that when you use it, you still have to style w/ your blow dryer and a comb to get the desired volume.
All 3 of these products together is less than $20, and they’re very easy to find. So far I’m pretty happy with this little trio. They do not weigh my hair down or make it look greasy.
Have you tried any of these? What’s your daily routine like?


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