Help, I’m Melting!

Okay so I melted down my disfigured MAC Fun N Sexy lipstick last night with the help/advice of the lovely nerdalicious @ MUA. She was quite right about one thing, I felt like a drug addict.

I was standing in the kitchen with a tealight, a lighter, a spoon, a jar, and a really ugly lipstick (ugly in shape, not color!!).

I only burned myself a tiny bit. If you know anything about how I usually function in kitchens, you will understand this accomplishment. Apparently I’m 5 and can’t be trusted with a lighter because I burned myself lighting the candle and not holding the spoon of molten lipstick over the candle.

Priceless. So, everything went [more or less] according to plan…until I realized the lipstick changed color.


Yeah, hot pink Fun N Sexy is now a totally new shade of slightly pinky red. Figure that one out, hmm? Apparently “some lipsticks just don’t do well with heat”. /headdesk

I am so glad I got a replacement Fun N Sexy from Ebay. Wow.

At least I got a b2m empty out of it???


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