Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Mascara Review

I’ve always thought that mascara is one of the few things even beauty mavens really don’t need to splurge on. There are loads of great mascaras available in the drugstore. Now, there still are a lot of great mascaras in the drugstore, but uh… sorry, this really expensive mascara is amazing. And, dare I say, perhaps worth the exorbitant $28 price tag? 

Oddly enough, I never set out to try this mascara. I placed an order some months ago at Apothica. I actually bought Hourglass’ other mascara, Superficial Lash, and a lipstick. I received a little sample tube of Film Noir mascara with my order, and since I had other mascaras open at the time I decided to try the little sample before opening another full sized mascara.

And thus, my love affair with Film Noir Full Spectrum mascara began.

From the moment I first applied this mascara, it has been love and bliss. Hourglass says this mascara is designed to give length, volume, jet black color and sheen, lift, and separation. That’s a mighty list of claims for one mascara. But oh, let me tell you. It delivers! I have what I would say are average lashes. Not super long, but not short and stubby either. I want DRAMA. I want big huge black fluttery lashes. I never understood those adjustable mascaras where you can choose ‘day’ or ‘night’. I want drama lashes. All the time. I definitely get that with this mascara! True to the name of the brand, Hourglass Film Noir mascara has an hourglass shaped brush, which is best illustrated with this photo from Sephora:

Interestingly enough, at least one person used “awesomeness” as one of the attributes of this mascara in a review on Sephora’s site. I completely agree!

I took these photos purposefully without any eyeliner because I wanted you to see truly how my lashes look just with the help of this mascara. No mascara was applied to the bottom lashes in this case. I did comb my lashes afterward, but that was more because my lashes tend to criss cross each other and point all weird directions on their own. No curler or primers were used. In fact, when I tried this with Urban Decay’s Lash Primer Potion, the result was an epic clumpy fail. This mascara does not play well with others– a bit of a diva. Like a film actress!

While I did not apply any mascara to my bottom lashes in this instance, I do often apply the Film Noir mascara to my bottom lashes. It doesn’t smudge. In fact, this mascara never smudges. Ever. Or flakes. It’s not waterproof, but I wore it to the gym yesterday and it didn’t smudge or flake. This is due to the acacia senegal gum, which acts as an adhesive. This mascara also contains panthenol, (provitamin B5) and vegetable oil to give the lashes shine, and act as a conditioner. I can tell that my lashes are getting a benefit from it; I lose fewer lashes. I like that it’s all in one product because even though lash conditioners are awesome, I don’t always want to take the time to use them in addition to everything else I’ve got going on.
Hourglass Cosmetics are available at Apothica & Sephora, and the Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara runs $28 at both.


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