I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This…

I ordered from E.L.F.

That’s the brand where “everything is $1”. Except it’s not. Most things are $1. Their mineral line and their bath & body products are more. I decided to pick up a few things, including 3 of their mineral lipsticks to review for y’all. I just said y’all. :)

Pics & Reviews coming soon of…

Powder Blushes in Coy, Shy, and Flushed
Mineral Lipsticks in Firey Fuschia, Party Pink, and Ripe Rose
Bronzer/Highlighter powder in Luminance
Mineral Booster

I will also give my opinion on the 2 brushes I have coming, the eyeshadow brush and the lip brush. The eyeshadow brush has a cult following on MakeupAlley. I want to see if I agree. I’m not opposed to cheap brushes; my favorite eyeshadow brush is one by Ms. Makeup! I have to admit that I fell in love with it because it’s purple originally, but it’s actually a really nice dome-shaped shadow brush even nicer than Essence of Beauty’s.

…annnd…I broke down and got a second pair of the slant tweezers. They’re my fave. Seriously, my $1 ELF tweezers are more used than my adorable purple Tweezerman tweezers which are supposedly the best there are. Hmm.


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