I’m in LOVE with a hair product.

And that product is my new 1″ sedu flat iron!

I have short, fine hair. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, and breaks easily. I do what I can with products, but after I got a cut that requires a lot of flat ironing, it became obvious that I needed to upgrade. When I used my old iron I could hear my hair breaking. Eeek! Conseqently I didn’t use it that much.

Upgrading to a sedu from my old jilbere is like going from a Toyota Yaris to a Lexus. The biggest differences I notice are…
– the sedu is silent. no weird buzzing like the jilbere.
– the PLATES. oh my god the plates. the sedu just glides down the hair shaft. they’re so SMOOTH.
– I don’t have to go over and over the same piece of hair
– heats up instantly

Sooo yeah. Sedu rocks my world. The best price (and TONS of reviews and before/after pics) is at folica.com. They even send a cute pink protective pouch to house your iron in! It protects your countertop from the heat while you use the iron, too.


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