I’m Never Buying Brush Cleaner Again

On my agenda for IMATS this year was to come home with new brush cleaner. I was all set to go get more Parian Spirit, as I have used and loved that stuff for several years. However, I think they just lost a customer. Not really anything (much) they did wrong, but more about what Cinema Secrets is doing right. 

The only real beef I have with Parian Spirit is that their booth at IMATS was cash only. None of the other booths I was shopping at had that issue. I prefer to use my debit card instead of carrying around cash, so I decided to go elsewhere rather than leave empty-handed. I tried the Japonesque booth since they carry a branded version of Parian Spirit, but they weren’t selling it at the show – probably because Parian Spirit was there.

Then I remembered Cinema Secrets has brush cleaner, so I cruised on over to their booth. Reasons why I will be sticking with CS. I vastly prefer the fragrance of the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner because it’s vanilla vs. the strong citrus of PS. I also like that the CS has no expiration date. PS has a shelf life of approximately 6 months for maximum effectiveness.

So I got the 32 oz bottle. I will decant it into a smaller spray bottle and use that. But 32 oz of brush cleaner is a lot so it will last me a very long time, basically forever…I’ll be set for life. Okay not really, but a very long time – hence the title of this post. Because I got the giant bottle, the price worked out cheaper than the Parian Spirit too.

So, sorry Parian Spirit. Nothing personal really. See ya.


  1. OutInAPout says

    More info please :) I’ve almost gotten this several times, but just can’t seem to take the plunge. I adore Brush Off- I’ve been using it since I started working in beauty 16 years ago, and I still haven’t found anything that compares. It cleans quickly, and dries almost instantly, so it’s perfect for on-the-job quick changes. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap and it’s tough to find.

    Does either Parian or CS work as a no-rinse quick change, or are they more deep cleaning shampoo type cleansers? Any othet suggestions for a spray-and-wipe cleansing solution?

    • Oh certainly! :) They both are meant to be a spray/wipe solution, however you *can* also use them as more of a deep cleanser…but frankly for that I prefer something like philosophy purity. 

  2. oooh, i want to know if it cleans really well! sounds yummy smelling and i love a nice big bottle so don’t have to replenish every 5 minutes

    •  I’ll update after I use it more, no doubt. I have tons of dirty brushes that need a good cleaning.

  3. I love this brush cleaner also, its brill! :-)

  4. It is very fine. But we need more info about your comments. Although I like this so much.

  5. mcubedmakeup says

    I used MAC’s brush cleaner (UGH) for quite a while and picked up the CS at The Makeup Show and woooow! I can’t believe I’ve been living without it! My brushes have never felt so clean, I also love how FAST it dries them! Fan for life! Never tried Parian Spirit before though, I’ve seen quite a few people talk about it though. 

  6. amanda says

    How much did you pay for the cinema secrets 32 ounce brush cleanser at IMATS?


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