I’m Not Dead Yet!


Hey everyone! I am dropping by to say HELLO to all of my blog readers and let you know I’m not dead! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update the blog because as many of you know, I’ve moved house! I no longer live in Orange County. I’ve picked up and moved into the South Bay area, which is the LA suburbs if you aren’t from around here. It’s been a really different experience so far, lol. Not gonna lie, our new place is in an area that kinda has a sketchy reputation. However Mr. Boyfriend and I really enjoy where we live and haven’t really felt unsafe at all. We’ve really been having fun with trying all the new food places near by and look forward to doing some silly LA tourist things too.

For those of you who aren’t from CA, it might seem silly that switching counties is such a big deal. But let me explain that there is a massive difference in lifestyle and culture between Orange County and Los Angeles counties! And there isn’t a whole lot of overlap. My particular area in OC was also more than half Asian, whereas the area I live in now is very heavily Hispanic. Very different cultures and I’m really loving the change of scenery.

Not to mention…NEW HOUSE! lol. Our new place is a brand new townhouse. In fact, no one has ever lived in it before. We have 3 bedrooms, so I have my very own makeup room… err, office… but let’s be honest. A beauty blogger’s office is a makeup room. ;) I now have an actual photography area and a quiet space for filming! Oh boy! It’s been a little rocky getting started though as we needed a new thermostat right away, cable took a while to get installed, and we still don’t have our internet hooked up yet, which is the main reason for the lack of blog updates. I’m actually writing this update from a Starbucks near by. Internet is supposed to get hooked up tomorrow, but knowing AT&T anything is possible. *fingers crossed* In the mean time, I’m really glad to have such awesome friends on Twitter and Instagram to chit chat with, because I MISS THIS!

And yes, the tour is coming soon. :)

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