Inglot AMC Lipgloss Swatches

Walking into an Inglot boutique is like a sensory orgasm, I swear. There’s awesome things to look at and touch all over the store. However, the AMC Lipglosses especially caught my eye. Inglot’s AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components. I get the sense that it’s sort of like MAC’s pro products. These glosses aren’t big on pigment, but the color and effect is ridiculous! As in amazingly COOL looking. Like you see it and you just need to have it. Or at least, that’s how I felt! I picked up 2 of these glosses, which don’t have names (just numbers). I got #541, which is a milky blue that looks literally like it’s electric and glowing. I also got #545, which has a firey orange base but tons of prismatic effect that also reflects a rainbow and looks glowy and electric. The sales associate told me the bluish gloss helps make your teeth look whiter!

AMC Lipgloss is available at Inglot for $15.

Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541
Inglot AMC Lipgloss #545
Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541 & #545 swatched on pale cool skin, photographed indoors by a window (natural light).
Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541 on otherwise bare lips. You can see a bit of the purple-blue flash on my lower lip. It’s very difficult to photograph, but you can definitely see it in real life.
Don’t worry, I’ll have a lip swatch of Inglot AMC Lipgloss #545 in an upcoming post. ;) These lipglosses are so cool. They’re not very sticky, and have a doefoot applicator. They feel nice on the lips and smell vaguely fruity. The scent reminds me of EOS Starfruit lip balm.


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