Introducing Up For Grabs

So lately I have been trying to get organized, and purge a lot of things from my stash. Whether it be stuff I bought too much of during my shopaholic days, things I got to review, or whatever, it all piles up like crazy. Since I had to move back in with my parents this year, I really just do not have the space to continue like that! I have been swapping and selling via blog sales, and I also have a big box literally overflowing of things that I’m donating to a women’s shelter, but I wanted another way to help with the overflow. Besides, women’s shelters generally won’t take used items.

So, I introduce to you…Up For Grabs, which is now linked in the top menu of the blog. Just like it sounds, I’m giving stuff away. Some of it is from my personal stash, and other things are review items. I am giving away items that I gave positive reviews. Why, you may ask? Because even though I like something doesn’t mean I have room to keep it! If I kept everything, or even things I liked, I would run out of room in the house. I mean, this isn’t my house. I can’t fill it up with stuff. I have finite amounts of space, haha. So don’t think I’m lying about the product being good and then “unloading” it. Quite the contrary.

I will update the list of Up For Grabs items as I have time or have new things to add. I probably won’t announce it on the blog when it has been updated, so you’ll just have to check it from time to time. I will mention the updates on Facebook/Twitter, though. Yet another reason why following is a good thing. ;)

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