It’s Raining Sideways!

If you get that Family Guy reference in the post title, I think I love you. Anyway, as you might have seen on the news (or out your window if you live near me) So-Cal has been getting drenched in basically a week straight of rain. I know you readers out there who live in places with weather probably don’t understand the big deal, but for us it’s a huge deal. :) There’s actually been flash flood warnings and the whole nine yards, so I have rarely left the house much for the past week. Which thrills me. Not.

Anyway, the point of this post is not a weather update really. I wanted to let everyone who is waiting for Blog Sale and Up For Grabs items as well as contest prizes know that because of all this crap on top of the holiday rush, packages still aren’t done being mailed to everyone. You’ve all been so wonderfully patient and I’m afraid I must ask for you to continue to be. Everything will get mailed before the end of the month for certain.

Muchos gracias,


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