It’s Z Palette of Your Dreams

Okay…truth time. I hate a lot of homemade palettes. No, really. There are lots of very clever individuals who have made palettes out of all sorts of things…CD jewel cases, DVD cases, etc. I hate ’em. I want to keep my makeup in a makeup palette. With a few exceptions, I think the homemade ones look kinda…well. How to put this delicately…like something a kid made for a school craft. Not to say they aren’t functional and totally cool from a repurposing goods perspective, and a saving money perspective. For sure. But they’re just not for me. Personally I get a lot of pleasure from just gazing upon my stash and admiring it, and I want it to look a certain way.
That said…not all brands make palettes for their pretties. And very few brands make palettes with clear tops. MAC has a clear-topped 4-pan, but their 15-pans are black. I heard a rumor they were going to make clear-topped 15-pans, which would be stellar, but I heard that a while ago and they have yet to surface even on the radar of the upcoming MAC collections. So then what other options are theere for a see-through lid? There’s Face Atelier, which makes a great study 12-pan that has a clear top. I love them, actually. I have 3. However they are kinda pricey, and the shipping to the US from Canada is also kind of expensive for the girl on the budget. And there is the limitation of only being able to fit 26mm size (MAC size) pans in them.
Enter, the Z Palette.

I first saw the Z Palette at IMATS, and I thought “meh, kind of expensive…gimmicky…” but since then I’ve truly realized that this product is needed, serves a great function, and they are actually priced pretty reasonably. The Z Palette comes in 2 sizes, a large rectangle and a small square. The small square holds up to 9 26 mm pans and retails for $14. The large one holds up to 27 26 mm pans and retails for $20.

Before you balk at the price and complain that the MAC palettes are only $12.50 and hold 15, realize this: to hold 27 MAC shadows you would actually need to buy 2 15-pans, which would be $25. The large Z Palette is $5 cheaper. And the shipping is free. And if you have other shadow pans that you’d like to de-pot and have no idea what to put them in…bonjour! This palette is for you. Gone are the days of suffering through a product’s awful packaging because you have no idea what palette to put it in. There are also some brands that for some reason charge ridiculous amounts of money for an empty palette (*cough* MUFE, Chantecaille…). You don’t have to pay that nyah nyah nyah. Just get a Z Palette.
I think one of my favorite things about the Z Palettes besides the palettes themselves is the wealth of information available on their website. They have a chart of prices of pans vs. pots to compare the overall savings of buying makeup for palettes. They also have a really awesome list of de-potting methods and tips. I like a company that goes out of its way to make their product easier to use, don’t you?
You may also be wondering…are they sturdy? I am delighted to tell you yes. They are! They are made from recycled matte paper and close via a magnet. The clear window is plastic (sturdy plastic). While to some of you this may seem flimsy compared to the plastic MAC palettes, have you ever had one of those break on you? In my experience the first things that break on those babies are the hinges or the clasps. This palette has no hinges or clasp. A-ha. You see what I did there?
So if you’re looking for a classy way to organize your shadows but don’t want to waste time opening and closing palettes looking for a particular color, check out the Z Palette. If you’re going to be de-potting, they also sell packs of magnets for your pans. ;)


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