J.Cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Glaze Review & Swatches


Back with another review from newcomer budget brand J.Cat Beauty! Last time I reviewed the Fantabulous Lipstick. This time I’m focusing on their Eternal Shine Lip Glazes. Check ’em out…


J.Cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Glazes in Odyssey (left) and Rose.

I got 2 of these glosses to try. Odyssey is a neutral-toned bubblegum pink-nude with a glossy creme finish, and somewhat sheer. Rose is a much more blue-toned deeper pink, also with a glossy creme finish though slightly less sheer. Neither shade has any detectable shimmer/glitter.

These are not plumping glosses. It kinda makes my hand feel stingy-burny when I swatch them but that doesn’t happen applied to my lips, so not sure what’s going on there! On my lips they’re totally comfortable to wear. They’re somewhat thick feeling with kind of a cushy texture. It’s similar to the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses that I adore but a tad heavier and syrupy feeling than the Rimmel. It’s not annoyingly sticky, but there is a tackiness to the texture.

Wear time with these is decent. They might even last somewhat through a meal, depending on what that meal is (greasy foods and oily salad dressings will give ANY lipcolor a run for its money because the oil breaks down your lipcolor).

The packaging is a standard small tube with a doefoot applicator. I haven’t compared them size-wise to others exactly but they appear to be very similarly sized to MAC lipglass etc.

They have kind of a weird fragrance that I couldn’t really place. To me it smells like bubblegum mint? I do not care for the fragrance at all, and for that reason personally wouldn’t purchase more of them. However, they are nice and if someone else doesn’t mind the fragrance I do recommend them to others.

eternalshine2J.Cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Glaze in Rose (top) and Odyssey on fair skin (indoor light).

odyssey2J.Cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Glaze in Odyssey

I must add a slightly disclaimer to my lip swatch of Odyssey; my lips were apparently still somewhat stained by the Fantabulous Lipstick I had just swatched for my previous review, which makes this lip gloss appear slightly cooler toned than it should. Think of this as more of a MLBB pink.

rose2roseJ.Cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Glaze in Rose

Rose is more pigmented and has a very strong blue undertone as you can see in the first lip swatch. You could also layer this to build up the pigment a little more for a really dramatic lip.


J.Cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Glazes are $2.49 each from jcatbeauty.com with 36 shades to choose from. Now through 3/15/13 you can get 15% off your order with the code SPRING15.

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