Julep December Nail Wardrobe

For the first time ever, I decided to get the entire nail wardrobe instead of a monthly Julep box. I just couldn’t decide what polishes I wanted, so what the hell – get ’em all! Right? Right. So… swatches!

Don’t worry I don’t expect you to be able to read my scribble on the nail wheel. Here are the shades, and my descriptions.

Petra – A very pretty red-berry. Definitely more red than berry, but leans very pinkish. It’s a shimmer finish. Petra was a little on the sheerish side but the formula was fabulous so I built it up with multiple coats (I think this was 3?) and it looks great.

Patti – Black hex and micro glitter in a sheer black base!!! Ooo la la! This can be worn solo but it takes a few coats to get it to look as opaque as my swatch. I’d recommend putting a layer of black underneath to save yourself the trouble and polish.

Jordan – Similar idea to Patti but in silver/charcoal. I didn’t layer this one as many times as I did Patti. You could probably layer it to be fully opaque but I think it would be more fun layered on top of something else.

Julia – Purple shimmer with an intense gold shimmer shift. This is markedly similar to Zoya Dannii. The formula is perfect.

Scarlett – Shimmery bright red, perfect for holidays. A bit sheer and jelly-like but buildable with a very easy to work with formula.

Cindy – Bright green shimmer with intense gold shimmer shift. Reminiscent of Zoya Apple. Another great formula.

There’s a closer look at Cindy, and 2 more shades – Harper and Vivien.

Harper – a watery aqua jelly with multiple sizes of aqua glitter. If you are familiar with Julep’s Portia polish, this is like what I wanted Portia to be – amped up and layerable to the point of being able to wear solo!

Vivien – Gold micro and hex glitter in a sheer base. This is not quite as jampacked with glitter as some of the other shades and would definitely be best for layering. It looks like a light veil of gold sequins to me.

Ivy – Lordy lordy. Photos really don’t do Ivy justice. Ivy is a deep blue shimmer with a brilliant pinky purple shift that is hard to photograph. It is similar to one of my all-time favorite polishes, Orly Lunar Eclipse.

There’s another look at Ivy and 2 other shades…

Barbara – Rosy pink glitterbomb. LOVE IT. This was 2 or 3 coats just to get total coverage.

Hilary – Bronze-copper glitter bomb. Another really beautiful shade of glitter that was very easy to apply and looks just stunning.

Another look at Patti, Jordan, Julia, and Scarlett.

As always, if you are interested in signing up for Julep I would love if you’d use my referral link. I believe the code PENNY still works to get your first box for a penny, too. :)


  1. Wow, great color choices. Did you mix these? Does it dry fast?

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