Julep July It Girl Box

Julep time is my favorite time. No, maybe not really, but I really love when it’s time to pick my Julep box of the month and then when it arrives– oh joy! :) This month’s decision was easy to make because the It Girl box jumped right out at me. I didn’t want one with a lip gloss because I have tons of lip glosses, and I’m a Julep Maven because I love polish, not because I want lip gloss.

But the colors in the It Girl box are  divine, so that made it pretty easy too. The It Girl July box includes:

  • Kate – soft white pearl
  • Mila – charcoal multi-colored glitter
  • Daphne – fresh seafoam green creme


Julep Maven boxes always come wrapped up so cute. This month everything was in star-print tissue  tied with a red ribbon, with red, white, and blue shredded paper, and 3 atomic fireballs were added as an extra. I’m not a big fan of them but Mr. Boyfriend is, so I gladly forked them over.

Julep Kate, Mila, and Daphne

God. LOOK at Daphne. That color is SOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous. To me it looks like a dusty teal moreso than a seafoam green, but that makes me like it even more. I’m sort of obsessed with colors like this. And I think Mila will make an excellent accent nail. In fact, Kate would too.

Every box comes with a bonus each month, and this month being July we got a special America The Beautiful polish, which looks JUST like you’d expect:

Sparkly red goodness! WITH STARS!!!

 If you’re super jealous of the awesomeness that is my Julep Maven box this month, don’t fret poppets! You can sign up to be a Julep Maven too. :) And previous months’ boxes are available for mavens to purchase, including this one!

Julep polishes are available from Julep’s website and at Sephora.com, but they’re $14 each. If you sign up for the maven program, monthly boxes are $19.95, which means I paid just under $5 for each polish instead of $14. And if I decide I want to go buy some other polishes from Julep, I get 40% off  and free shipping. If you decide to sign up, I would be thrilled if you’d use my referral link. :)


  1. Phyrra says:

    Mila and Daphne are so awesome!

    • Alyson says:

      I just tried them out on my hand. Daphne is delicious. It’s a little watery compared to other Julep cremes, but I love it. Mila is stunning. Kate is actually pretty nice too. It’s not as streaky and awful as some whites lol. 

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