Just a Random, Rambling Update

Hi all.

I’ve been kind of a slacker lately. Slacking in reviewing products…slacking in updating…slacking in everything.


I could probably think of a dozen or so excuses for it, but really it all boils down to me having felt kinda down lately. Maybe it started with the rain; I don’t know. But it’s been sunny for a while and I still feel…down.

Contest prizes and a few sale packages are STILL here in my apartment. I’m feeling quite sheepish about it. Then again, organization never was my thing. You may be getting a small surprise in your paypal in the next couple of days as I will be offering some little refunds of shipping costs to make up for taking forever with your sale goodies. And as to the prizes…


They’re larger than life. Or rather, larger than the packaging materials I have. But I’m scrounging up boxes for you all, and adding extra tidbits as surprises.

An added note…my cat says hello. She’s sprawled out on top of the Ulta ad on my desk, sniffing the jar of moisturizer I just used. Do any of you readers have cats? I have 2. I’ve mentioned them on the blog several times, and even posted photos. But I can’t even begin to really describe how much I love these guys. Sienna, my tortie girl, and I have a very special bond. Even friendly cats who like most anyone usually have a ‘person’. I’m Sienna’s person. I got her for my 18th birthday as a squirmy, spirited little baby. But she has developed into quite the little lady, and a constant source of comfort through rough times like right now.

I’d take a picture, except that my camera is somewhere under her.

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