Kiyonna Legacy Wrap Dress

I was recently contacted by Kiyonna to do a review of one of their beautiful pieces. Kiyonna is a plus size boutique that is most well-known for their dresses. I jumped at the chance to do a review because I have really always wanted a Kiyonna dress ever since I first saw their website! They are more expensive than my usual dress purchases (I usually get my dresses at Old Navy, Torrid, and even Ross), but a great versatile black dress is worth a splurge in price. I was sent this dress for consideration, but if I could afford to shop at Kiyonna on a regular basis I absolutely would! The pieces are beautiful and everyone I’ve spoken to from Kiyonna has been a sweetheart.

The dress I chose is the Legacy Wrap Dress in black. This is the stock photo (I just had to include it because their model is soooo gorgeous and I totally have a girlcrush on her!).

Now, knowing that most models are much taller than I am (I’m only 5’2″), I picked this dress and assumed that it would a.) be longer on me than on this model, and b.) the neckline would probably come down pretty low on me. Both of those turned out to be true, although the length really wasn’t an issue. The neckline issue was easily solved by tossing an Old Navy cami on under the dress. If I had been wearing this out to an affair that allows more cleavage I might have gotten away without it, but I was wearing it during the day and out to brunch with my mom and grandmother! However, if Kiyonna ever wanted to start offering petite plus sizes I would probably just pee myself with glee. It wouldn’t need a whole lot of adjusting.
According to Kiyonna’s size chart a size 1 is a 14/16. I tend to wear a 14/16 top and 18 bottom, but wrap dresses are pretty forgiving in the waist and hips so I went with the size 1, and it fits great. I am glad I did not size up to a 2, because it would have been too big in the torso. The dress definitely fits according to the size chart, which is good because since there is only one brick & mortar location of this store most customers will have to shop online.
Kiyonna’s Legacy Wrap Dress is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. It’s stretchy and light without being so light that it’s shapeless. It has the weight of a quality garment and does not feel flimsy or cheap. The wrap dress is billed as the most “universally flattering” silhouette, and I don’t know about everyone but it’s definitely flattering on me. Too bad the camera angle below doesn’t really reflect that haha. Note to everyone: never let yourself be photographed from below! That makes anything appear larger! ;) Admittedly, it took me a little bit to figure out how to tie the thing, and I’m still kinda perfecting that…oof.
Overall I am extremely pleased with the dress and would definitely think about adding more Kiyonna pieces to my wardrobe. Now that I know that the quality really lives up to the reputation and pricing, I’m even more apt to try more Kiyonna.
By the way, I will definitely have more + better photos of me in the dress soon! Meanwhile, you can click that one to enlarge it.

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