Lashes, Primers, and What I Can’t Get Enough Of

I went with a pal to South Coast Plaza today to pick out some pretties. I had something to return to Sephora, so I had some free money coming back to play with. I ended up picking out Stila Major Lash mascara in black along with Napoleon Perdis lash base. In case you were not aware, Napoleon Perdis is 50% off at Sephora right now. Not all Sephora stores carry Napoleon, but it appears they are discontinuing carrying that line at all, so all of the stock is being liquidated at half off. I figured there was no harm in trying it!

I have not tried the lash base yet since I just got home a little while ago, but I will be sure and update when I do. :) But I already knew I love the Stila mascara. This mascara is unbelieveably affordable for a high end mascara– $8.50! Compare it to other brands and it is very, very cheap! It’s one of my absolute favorites. It’s not super duper dramatic, but it’s a perfect every day. It’s a good thing I got a new one because I was supposed to throw out the tube I have over a week ago. I don’t think an extra week or two past the 3 month rule will kill anyone, but it’s probably not the best idea either haha. I do give myself some lee-way though because I do not use each mascara daily, so I figure that adds a little to each one’s lifespan. I could have my head up my you-know-what about that theory but I’ll stick to it for now.

I also picked up MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50. This is a longtime wishlist item of mine, and I’m so excited to try it! I’m especially thrilled because the protection comes from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are muuuuch easier on my skin than the typical chemical sunscreens that contain avobenzene.

A Warning To You All…do as I say, not as I do. Do NOT fall asleep with MAC Prep + Prime on your face. Just don’t do it. I don’t care how tired you are. Do not fall asleep. I’m paying for it now with all these little tiny zits from clogged pores. It’s happened before, so the fact that I let it happen again just shows you how brilliant I am. ;) Honestly at the time, I forgot I’d put on the primer. Whoops! I normally use Everyday Minerals Pure Silk Dust as a primer and forgotten that I’d use the Prep + Prime because it was a special occasion (job interview!) and a very sweaty 100 degrees out. Falling asleep in the silk dust is also a bad idea but not as bad a decision as falling asleep in Prep + Prime with all those silicones.

So, what have you all been wearing like crazy lately? For me, I’ve been all about MAC Hollywood Nights lipstick (from Heatherette) and Stila Shadow Pot in Iris. Hollywood Nights is still available at some MAC counters/stores as far as I know (but not many…you will have to call around!) Unfortunately Stila’s shadow pots are discontinued. They’re really lovely though; if you find yourself able to swap for some…do it! Here is a picture of me in Hollywood Nights last night:


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