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Hey all…sorry for the lack of updates! I have a few things to talk about in this one, so it’ll be filled with goodies.

First of all, Vincent Longo is having their Friends & Family event at their website,! Receive 30% off your order with the code “vlfamily” for the month of June. I highly recommend investigating VL’s lip products. This brand is usually pricey, so take advantage!

Secondly, Bath & Body Works is having their semi-annual sale this month. Hooray! I picked up some Enchanted Orchid creamy body wash, and I really love it. The subtle floral scent stayed on my skin for quite a while after the shower, and my skin felt very soft as well as clean. I am a huge fan of multi-tasking products, so a body wash that moisturizes and cleans is going to be a winner for me if it works as well as it says it will. Even if you aren’t into bath products, check out to see if you are located near a flagship store. All of their cosmetics are being clearanced at large discounts. Brands include Vincent Longo, Awake, and 100% Pure. I would love to get my paws on some 100% Pure stuff, but I’m trying not to spend any money right now. Oh well!

I recently received a small order of mark. goodies! I bought the new flower ring (not available to the public until 6/24). Guys, this ring is gorgeous. I’m not a jewelry person really, but I have been wanting to get into jewelry because I think it can really tie an outfit together. Because I’m not a huge jewelry enthusiast, I’m pretty picky about what I will wear. This ring is really awesome!! Here’s mine:
I have pretty small hands, so this ring may look ginormous to you. It’s about a 1″ diameter. The ring is adjustable, but doesn’t feel like cheapo metal that will break when you adjust it. I believe I’m a size 8 ring and it adjusted to fit me fine. I got one of these for my cousin’s birthday, too. I hope she likes it. :) If you are in to fun feminine pieces, you will be too!

I also got a socialite wallet. I love this thing. Not only does it match my Frame of Mind tote, but it’s incredibly versatile and holds all of my wallet junk with plenty of room for more. It’s so pretty, too…pewter with a leopard print lining!! There is a loop to hold a mark. hook-up in the middle of it as well. The socialite wallet is on sale for $14.99, and the FOM tote is on sale for $24. For some reason, my e-boutique is showing different items than the main site, so if you decide to order and want me to get the commission remember to put my rep # in the orderform at checkout (rep # is 7146862673). Thanks! :)

If you are into minty lipgloss, scoot on over to the drugstore and check out Amazemint glosses by Cover Girl! They have peppermint oil in them (some sort of collaboration with Crest) to freshen breath. They also claim to make your teeth appear whiter. All I know is they are lovely yummy minty goodness. The formula is very moisturizing, too. One of the few glosses where I do not feel it is necessary to wear balm underneath. I picked up Tickled Pink and Un-Wined, and I like Tickled Pink best.

Products I’m currently testing out…

– TimeBalm concealer
– Stridex power pads (benzoyl peroxide 2.5%)
– Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (second try)

Coming in the mail..!

– Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion
– LUSH Ultrabland cleanser
– 1″ Sedu flat iron
– Stila Scarlet palette
– Stila Lime shadow mousse pot


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