Laura Geller Baby Cakes Palette

Laura Geller isn’t a brand I have much previous experience with. I tried her Spackle primer once (what a name, right? Love it…) and wasn’t too thrilled with it– I just felt lukewarm. But the Laura Geller line consists of a lot of slow-baked products, which I love. I have a ton of the baked MAC items (their ‘Mineralized’ line) Baked cosmetics are made starting with a liquid, which is then poured onto a terracotta pan and slow baked.

The Baby Cakes palette is kind of like an intro to Laura Geller baked products. It’s a really cute idea! It includes her Balance ‘n Brighten, Ethereal Rose Baked Powder, and Bronze ‘n Brighten in tiny little try me sized cakes. There is also a retractable brush w/ a pink tube. There are two colors available for the palette– the regular version, and the one with a lighter Balance ‘n Brighten for those with fair skintones. It retails for $36 on QVC but is at a reduced “Try Me” price right now.

Now, how do I like the palette? I must say I like it more than I thought I would. First I’ll start with the (small) negatives. The brush included is teensy. It works just fine, but powdering your whole face with Balance ‘n Brighten takes forever since the brush head is so small. It’s about the size of a mini mascara tube when the cap is on the brush. I used a travel powder brush from MAC and the brush head was perfectly sized for these small cakes. The only other negative I have is a nit-picky thing: the case inside is black as you can see in the picture. That means powdery dust will show up every time you use it. Not a big deal, just be aware if you’re a neatness freak you’ll be wiping it down constantly. :P

The positives, however, completely outweigh those negatives. The products themselves are great! Balance ‘n Brighten is designed to correct ruddiness as well as brighten sallowness, and I must say it really does work. It feels weightless on, too, even if you layer on a ton of it. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing powder. It just looks like my skin got better. I swear my pores are a bit diminished too! The Ethereal Rose powder is meant to be kind of an all-over powder (like a MAC Beauty Powder), but since I’m pretty fair it works as a nice blush. It has shimmer but it’s not disco ball-ish at all. The color on me looks kind of like a pinker version of MAC Stereo Rose Mineralized Skin Finish! The third cake, Bronze ‘n Brighten, I had skeptical feelings about. I have never really found a bronzer that didn’t look ridiculous on me, except for just using a gold blush as a bronzer. Well, I’ve finally found a bronzer I like! Bronze ‘n Brighten features swirls of pale pink, brighter pink, tan, and brown. The effect on the skin is the most beautiful rosy bronze glow.

The overall effect when all three cakes are used is just one of a soft, pretty face without looking too ‘done’. If I’m in a rush in the morning I can use it and then slap on some mascara, fill in my brows, and be out the door. I keep a lipstick in my purse at all times so I could apply that later. ;)

I like the fact that these little cakes are small, because I will possibly actually finish them, haha. Balance ‘n Brighten is definitely a product I would want to re-purchase when I finish this, as is Bronze ‘n Brighten. Ethereal Rose is really pretty, but I think if I had to I could live without it as the color is similar to those I have in my MAC MSF collection. It is really pretty though and nice to have– and it goes really well with the other 2 products in the palette.

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