LeAine Dehmer Eye-Dration Eye Makeup Remover

This month I was invited to visit Skinsations Spa in Tustin. I reviewed the spa on my other blog, OC Beauty, but I wanted to share the skincare with you here on this blog. The owner of Skinsations, LeAine Dehmer, has her own line of skincare that so far has proven to be quite remarkable. The first product I’m going to review is the eye makeup remover.
This eye makeup remover is formulated with ingredients such as aloe, wheat protein, and white tea. This makeup remover actually nourishes and conditions your eyelashes! LeAine says that after approximately 3 months you’ll notice less eyelash fallout. Very cool. This eye makeup remover rinses completely away leaving absolutely no residue, which is the biggest reason why I love it. It’s also the best darn mascara remover I’ve tried. 
A little bit of Eye-Dration goes a long way. You only need about a pea-sized amount at a time for both eyes. I apply it and rub in a downward motion down my lids and lashes. Then I rinse it away with the help of one of the cellulose sponges included in my LeAine Dehmer skincare kit. I highly recommend using sponges when you wash your face. They’re great! LeAine suggests to fold the sponge in half for wiping the waterline/under the eyes. If you do it that way, it won’t sting at all. The only time it might sting a little is if the remover mixes with makeup and then gets in your eye. But pretty much any makeup in your eye will sting anyway! It is to be avoided. ;) 
So far I am really enjoying this eye makeup remover because it works so well, especially on my mascaras. For particularly hard to remove long-wearing/waterproof makeup you may need to repeat the process, but I’ve only ever had to do that once. Usually once over with this stuff is all I need. It’s truly great, and I know it was supposed to be 3 months, but I already notice fewer lashes falling out. 
The only drawback with this product is the initial price. It’s $22 for a 2 oz bottle. The price is steep, but 2 oz will last you quite a while! Eye-Dration Eye Makeup Remover is available at leainedehmer.com and Skinsations Spa.

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