Lindo Twist ‘n Roll Tweezers

I was fortune enough to be sent this nifty twist ‘n roll tweezer facial threader to review. It’s pretty darn awesome, I must say.
First of all, it’s not really tweezers. It’s a spring coil that you use to remove hair the same way you do when you get your brows threaded. It works for chin/cheeks/upper lip/between the brows really well. I don’t recommend using it for your actual brows as this doesn’t offer the precision necessary to do eyebrows, but it works a treat for every other place.
To use it, you curl it into an upside down U shape with your thumbs on either handle. Move the U up your face with it pressed gently against your skin. While you do this, rotate your thumbs toward each other. If that doesn’t make sense (and it’s a little tricky to write out), check out the video demo at their website.
The coil really does a great job of pulling up even the tiniest, finest peach fuzz. That being said, yes, it HURTS. If you’ve ever gotten your brows threaded, you know that yes, it does hurt. But like with that, you get used to the pain and it seems to hurt less each time. I will admit though that it really hurts like a B—- to use this on your upper lip. Seriously. Ow.
Luckily Lindo also makes a nice soothing moisturizer to use after threading. It contains things like aloe and chamomile, and with repeated use will make hair grow back finer and eventually not at all. If you’re like me and you’re extra sensitive, or you are prone to breakouts whenever you tweeze or wax, apply some polysporin to wherever you tweeze. I like to use the kind that is also pain-relieving to soothe and reduce redness. The antibacterial properties of the polysporin also help prevent post-tweezing breakouts.
The facial threader and the moisturizer are available to purchase at Lindo’s website,

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