Lipstick Lover’s Paradise

I just wanted to share a little something with you that makes me extremely happy. Voila:

That’s my main lipstuff storage. I’m kind of obsessed. I like to open the drawer and just stare at it.



  1. Robyn says

    *joins you in staring*

  2. It’s so pretty, and so well organized!!!

  3. Wow awesome!

  4. JaguayanFlawer says

    D: That’s awesome!!!! So lovely!!!! <3

  5. I’m staring too, such an awesome drawer!!!

  6. Zuhaib Choudary says

    Thats allot, :)

  7. Emma says

    i have been looking for a way to store all of my mac lipsticks and this looks like a really good way! would you mind sharing exactly what you use to store them?


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