Look Ma, No Pores!

On my trip to IMATS I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Robyn of Purely Cosmetics, who is such a fun lady! It was fun to meet someone in person I’d only previously talked to on Twitter. :)

Robyn introduced me to a product from her line that is selling like hotcakes– Diamond Powder Perfect Finish. That’s right, diamond powder. As in those sparkly little guys that are our best friends? The same ones. Except this is so finely milled that it does not shimmer. No, really, I promise. No shimmer. Just a beautiful airbrushed finish! I literally did a doubletake the first time I used this finishing powder on my cheeks because my pores literally disappeared. “Holy sh**!” I said. Nobody heard me except my cat though. :\ And now you guys!
Diamond Powder Perfect Finish feels very silky on, and a little bit goes a long way. Be careful when tapping excess powder off your brush, because since it’s so finely milled it will form a little diamondy cloud if you aren’t careful and tap gently. Just how much diamond powder is in this stuff? Well a full sized jar (net weight 6 g) contains nearly a carat of diamond. DIAMOND, people! How luxurious is that?! This powder works as a primer as well as a finishing powder, and looks just gorgeous when I combine it with my MUFE HD foundation and concealer. In the past when I’ve tried to apply MUFE HD over a powder primer it didn’t work out so well but this was just fine.
So if you’re looking for something to give you an airbrushed look (even without foundation it softens lines and pores sooo nicely), check out Diamond Powder Perfect Finish from Purely Cosmetics. Retail is $17.50.
Oh and before anyone asks if I took some sort of bribe for this positive review, I will confess– I did also receive 1 werthers original hard candy with my sample of Diamond Powder Perfect Finish. Oh noes. Clearly this candy will cause me to throw ethics to the wind– personal standards be damned! Tee-hee.


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