Look Radiant This Summer Without Tanning

Alright so, it’s not news to anyone here that I am uber pale. However, I’m really not a fan of tanning or excessive use of bronzer (I add a bit to define my features here and there though). I don’t mind being pale, in fact I like it. :) However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want a summer glow just like everyone else. I think the difference between looking “pasty” and looking “porcelain” is just a little radiance.

 See? Snow White ain’t got nothin on me.

There are many different options for the skin on your body when it comes to adding glow or radiance. I’ve seen body lotions that add “glow” from Jergens, Aveeno, Nivea, and probably others. Higher end brands are in on the action too. Urban Decay has their Midnight Cowboy body lotion, and Bath & Body Works has shimmer body lotion. For a really cheap option, mix a sample of MAC Vanilla pigment with any body lotion you already have. A sample of MAC Vanilla pigment will only run you $2 from The Traincase, and if you buy 5 samples or more, free shipping. :)

When it comes to adding radiance to your face, that can get kind of tricky for combo or oily gals like myself. You want to look naturally radiant, not naturally greasy. ;) My favorite way to achieve this look is by using MAC Strobe Liquid. This iridescent liquid goes on and adds a really nice effect with the pink pearlized pigments it contains. I either apply it after moisturizer but before foundation (after primer I suppose if you’re using it, but I haven’t been lately) or sometimes even mix it with my liquid foundation. The result is natural looking radiant skin! I was hesitant to try Strobe Liquid because I was afraid it would make my face look like a greasy mess, plus the bottle is pretty small for the price. However, I soon discovered that you really do NOT need much at a time, so this bottle is going to last me a while! And when I finish it, I will recycle it with Back 2 MAC.

So what do you do to look your best during summer?


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