Lush Bb Seaweed Mask Review

As those of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I have been recovering from a minor surgery the last few days. Everything’s peachy and I’m fine, I just haven’t felt like wearing makeup, and I know I’ve been slacking on my skin care. Since the surgery was on my mouth, my cheek has been swollen and my face has been really sore. I haven’t really wanted to scrub that area much, heh. Consequently my skin has kinda been red and blotchy and I’m breaking out a tiny bit. Blah. One of the things I’m doing now that I’m doing more than popping pain killers and sleeping is using the Lush Bb Seaweed Mask to calm down my irritated, neglected skin.
I told you guys that back on Father’s Day I went in to my first Lush store. One of the things I knew I definitely wanted to try was a Fresh Face Mask. These are only sold in stores (unless you’re in the UK) because they’re freshly made with no preservatives and require refrigeration – they only last a couple weeks, too. This is due again to the no preservatives. However, I’ve had my Bb Seaweed pot longer than the expiration date and noticed no changes whatsoever to the consistency or efficacy – your mileage may vary. I don’t remember the price exactly, but I think it was under $10.
Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. The mask is a kaolin clay-based mixture with seaweed, seaweed absolute, honey, aloe vera, and rose absolute. There are also very tiny ground almond shell particles that can make this mask double as a scrub if you like. This mask is recommended for any skin that needs calming. It is soothing as well as moisturizing. I think it would be great for anyone except if you have extremely oily skin. I find it extremely refreshing to use, especially since you have to keep it refrigerated. It’s so nice to apply on a hot day! In the pot it sort of looks like any other clay mask, except for the pieces of seaweed mixed in. On my face it looks like I’m wearing pesto.
As the mask dries the grey bits fade away to almost clear while the little green leafy bits remain. Then it’s time to rinse. You can just wipe it off, or rub in small circles to utilize the scrubbing action of the little almond particles. Either way I recommend using warm water to remove all the clay. 
Immediately after using my skin feels calm and soothed. The next day, blemishes I had are a little less red and angry. With continued use (and in addition to my regular skin care routine) my skin will be back to normal in no time! This mask is a little extra TLC for my skin, and I’m loving it!


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    I’m a huge fan of Lush! This mask is one of my favorites.

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