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MAC and Beth Ditto. Arguably one of the most intriguing collection promo images I’ve seen in a while! Looks pretty spectacular, no? Just about everyone suspected this would include repromoting the Penultimate eyeliner again, but I’m delighted to tell you no it doesn’t.

MAC X Beth Ditto – June 2012

Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Dear Diary – Bright neon pink
Booyah!!! – Bright orange
You’re Perfect Already – Neutral pale pink
Love Long Distance – Light mauve
Heart Hangover – Deep purple

Lip Pencil
Nightmoth – Blackened plum (repromote)
In Synch – Bright yellow pink (repromote)
Entertain Me – Clearly orange (repromote)
Embrace Me – Vivid pinkish fuchsia (repromote)

Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner – new product!
Beth Mask – Reddish brown bronze liner / golden peach pink shadow
Little Miss Moffet – True black liner / true white shadow
Drag, Strip – Smokey navy blue liner / pale blue shadow
Beth or Glory – Deep brown liner / bright blue shadow

Powder to the People – Deeply polka dotted powder (don’t ask me what this is, I have no idea)

Liquidlast Liner
Point Black – true black (repromote)

Zoom Lash
Plum Reserve – Light violet purple (repromote)
Blue Charge – Deep navy blue (repromote)
New Hue – Blackened burgundy (repromote)

Lash #7 – Natural length, everyday glamorous.

Nail Lacquer
Vagabondage – mid-tone lavender
Near Beth Experience – light yellow
Life and Beth – milky peach
Nocturnelle – black

So far my favorite thing about this collection is just the shade names. I’m kind of curious about the shadow liners, but I’ve tried similar products (-ahem-, Stila) and it’s just not a gimmick I particularly care for. I’m disappointed in how many repromotes there are for this collection, and puzzled by the choice to release yet another lavender lip color. When Lavender Whip lipstick was released it was new and different and avant guard and we loved it. Now it’s like every other collection has a lavender and I’m just kinda tired of it. I have Lavender Ennui. Illamasqua just launched a f’ing teal lipstick. WHAT THE HELL, MAC? GET INNOVATIVE K THX.

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