MAC Fabulous Felines Collection

(artwork of Burmese cat by Constance Shields)

A while back I heard a rumor about a second coming of MAC’s Hello Kitty collection, or a second collaboration, something to do with Hello Kitty. Part of the reason for this rumor had to do with some MAC eyeliners that showed up at Fashion Week that all had cat-related names.

Hmmmm. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Well at last, mystery solved. MAC is not re-doing Hello Kitty, but this new collection that sounds “fabulous”.

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection
Launch: August 2010 (U.S.), September 2010 (International & Canada)

This is another big collection that will be on 3 different displayers (a la Spring Color Forecast). Each displayer will have a different color scheme: greyed blue/purples, honey & amber tones, and a smoky green. MAC is releasing trend bags to go with each “color wave”.

The Fabulous Felines collection also introduces a new product, Superslick Liquid Eyeliner. This new water-resistant liner is being debuted in a whopping 9 shades. The eyeliner promises super smooth application due to the innovative applicator. They also claim it will be heavily pigmented for “super long-wearing”. Cool!

There may be a new lipstick formula lurking in this collection as well, a sparkly formula called “dazzle”.

Section 1 of the collection is called Palace Pedigreed. Here is what you can expect:

Palace Pedigreed Quad – the WN or working name for this quad is Russian Blue (RB is a breed of cat, FYI)
Courtly Life – Frosted muted light pink beige (Satin)
Palace Pedigreed – Deep berry with dark soft pink pearl (Satin)
Quite Spoiled – midtone neutral mauve (Satin)
Russian Blue – deep neutral grey (Matte)

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner
Nocturnal – bright silver pearl
Smoky Noir – Dark blue violet with soft pearl
Signature Blue – Dark navy with soft pearl

Mauvement (repromote)
Bloodline – dark dirty browned purple (brownish purple? does that sound like it could be…taupe-like to you?)

Plushblack mascara

Superior – Sheer lavender pink with Dazzle pink pearl (D) (Dazzle??)
Of Royalty – Light creamy blue pink (CS)
Aristo-Cat – Midtone frosted purple mauve (F)
name unknown – Dark berry

Docile – Dirty lavender with pearl
Best of Breed – Light dirty blue with pearl (BLUE lipgloss? Sign me up!)
Lap of Luxury – Dark eggplant with pearl

Lip Liner
Beurre Cremestick liner (repromote, but one of my FAVES!!!)

Mineralized Blush
Pet Me – Light yellow pink with soft pearl

Part 2 is called Leopard Luxe and includes:

Leopard Luxe Quad
Wild by Nature – Midtone Camel (M)
Style Predator – Frosted midtone yellow orange (VP)
Notoriety – repromote (remember that quad that wasn’t In The Gallery or Photorealism? yeah.)
Furiously Fabulous – Frosted warm black (VP)

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner
Pure Snow – Bright yellow gold pearl
??? for Glamour – Midtone grey with soft pearl
On the Hunt – True black

Plushblack mascara

name unknown – Light yellow (G)
Drive Me Wild – Midtone warm coral with gold pearl (CS)
Powerful – Midtone bronze with dazzle multi-pearl (D)
The Prowl – Creamy dark chocolate (L)

A Quiet Roar – Pale white gold
name unknown – Midtone yellow camel with red and gold pearl
Wildly Refined – Midtone coral with gold pearl

Lip Liner
Creamola Cremestick – repromote
Cremekiss Cremestick – Clean apricot coral

Mineralized Blush
Utterly Game – Warm peach with soft pearl

And finally, section 3 is called Burmese Beauty. I have a major soft spot for Burmese cats, so this thrills me. Section 3 includes:

Burmese Beauty Quad
Prized – Pale yellow beige (S)
Skintone 2 – Dirty gold (F) (I think this is a repromote from the N collection?)
Burmese Beauty – Frosted brown green (L) (This color sounds gorgeous, but the lustre finish scares me…)
Showstopper – This might as well be permanent as it’s released every 5 seconds but I must say, if there has to be a color that gets released over and over, Showstopper isn’t a bad choice. I love it as a liner.

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner
Desires & Devices – Sparkling dark green
Definitely Feline – Chocolate brown with soft pearl
Treat Me Nice – Emerald green with soft pearl

Gold Stroke
Antique Green (PRO)

Plushblack mascara

Pet Me Please – Frosted light dirty mauve (F)
To Pamper – ??? (???) more information needed
liquid ??? – Light yellow green with dazzle multi-pearl (D)
Kittenish – Deep red berry (CS)

Spree – Pink champagne taupe
Jealous – Light dirty green with pearl
Fancy Cat – Dark dirty brown with pearl

Velvetella Cremestick

Mineralized Blush
The Soft Meow – Midtone golden bronze with soft pearl

So um, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty stoked for this collection. I love cats, and MAC. So uh, better start saving NOW huh?

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