MAC Illustrated Preliminary Collection Info

I don’t yet have any images for this collection, slated to launch in July 2012. It is a collab with artist Julie Verhoeven, which sounds really cool to me.

This is also one I look forward to also because it features the return of the Big Bounce eye shadows. The Big Bounce shadows were a sort of liquidy mousse texture and were pretty much universally deemed an epic failure. They’ve been reformulated and renamed to Electric Cool eye shadows. Here’s collection info…

Electric Cool Eye Shadow (this is just a preview…apparently they’re coming back again at a later date – maybe unless we all hate them again lol…)
Love Power – soft shimmering rose
Dynamo – mid-tone coral
Highly Charged – rich purple with pink pearlized pigments
Brilliantly Lit – bright acid yellow green
Switch To Blue – rich cobalt
Pure Flash! – pale champagne
Superwatt – light shimmering taupe
Coil – copper bronze
Electroplate – cool gunmetal grey
Blacklit – black with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
Infra-Violet – mid-tone pink violet with blue pearlized pigments
Fashion Circuit – bright kelly green

Haute & Naughty Too Black (this is also just a preview. weird.)
Haute & Naughty Too Black – carbon black

Lip Bags by Julie Verhoeven

Lip Bag Nude x 3
Lipstick – Creme D’Nude – pale muted beige (cremesheen) (repromote)
Dazzleglass Creme  -Natural Talent Рlight nude with golden pearlized pigments (frost)
Cremestick Liner – Sublime Culture – pink caramel fusion (repromote)

Lip Bag Red x 3
Lipstick – Must Be Red! – true cream red (cremesheen)
Dazzleglass Creme – Totally Fab – bright yellow red with pearlized pigments (frost) (repromote)
Cremestick Liner – Free Hand – true red

Lip Bag Peach x 3
Lipstick – Ravishing – light peachy coral (cremesheen) (repromote)
Dazzleglass Creme – Sublime Shine – light coral brown with gold pearlized pigments (frost) (repromote)
Cremestick Liner – Cremekiss – apricot coral (repromote)

Lip Bag Pink x 3
Lipstick – Vivid Imagination – mid-tone pink (cremesheen)
Dazzleglass Creme – Julia – light blue pink with pearlized pigments (frost)
Cremestick Liner – Pink Treat – deep cool pink (repromote)

Brush Kits by Julie Verhoeven
Brush Kit x 4 – 130SE, 187SE, 282SE, 286SE
Brush Kit x5 – 129SE, 219SE, 224SE, 227SE, 266SE

Smokey Eye Kits by Julie Verhoeven

Smokey Eyes Kit 1
Eye Shadows:
Naked Lunch – minimal pink with shimmer (frost) (repromote)
Wedge – soft muted taupe (matte) (repromote)
Carbon – intense black (matte) (repromote)
Zoom Lash mini: Zoomblack (black)
Technakohl Liner: Graphblack – rich graphic black
Brush: 212SE, 275SE

Smokey Eyes Kit 2
Eye Shadows:
Creative Whim – soft lavender with pearlized pigments (satin)
Down to Drama – rich blue with pearlized pigments (satin)
Moody – blackened green (matte) (repromote)
Zoom Lash mini: Zoomblack (black)
Technakohl Liner: Purple Dash – intense aubergine (repromote)
Brush: 212SE, 275SE


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