MAC Posh Paradise Official Info

A couple of weeks ago I gave you preliminary info on the MAC Posh Paradise collection. I now have official info and pictures to share! I gotta say I am not really loving the visual with this collection (above). I think the fact that her dress looks like it has worms or something is freaking me out…
But hey, new paint pots!
MAC Posh Paradise Collection
Launches September 15th (North America – October for International)
Mattene Lipstick – $14.50 US/$17.50 CDN
Naked Bliss – Neutral light pink
Rare Exotic – Bright mid-tone blue pink
Legendary – Mid-tone brick red
Unknown Pleasures – Deep red blue
Seeds of Desire – Deep brown plum
Eden Rouge – Bright blue-red
Delectable – Orange-beige
Potent Fig – Deep blue grape
Deliciously Forbidden – Mid-tone berry
Fresh Amour – Light lavender
Paint Pot – $17.50 US/$21.00 CDN
Treasure Hunt – light pearled yellow
Half-Wild – mid-tone purple
Hyperviolet – deep biolet
Nubile – light peachy nude
Idyllic – mid-tone copper bronze
Genuine Treasure – reflects antique gold
Pure Creation – mid-tone frosty blue
Imaginary – blackened navy
Nail Lacquer – $15.00 US/$18.00 CDN
Immortal Gold – pale gold
Rain of Flowers – blackened violet with violet shimmer (Repromote)
As a lover of paint pots I’m excited for this launch. I also am a fan of mattenes. If you’re balking at the idea of a matte lipstick, keep in mind these are semi-matte. They’re matte enough to still be called matte but not enough that you look dried out and dead. However, they are packed with pigment! Not for the faint of heart in the brighter shades. Is anyone else delighted at the lack of repromotes (with the exception of Rain of Flowers lacquer)? Personally, I think both lacquers can be skipped. There are loads of pale golds and violet shades out there, and the MAC formula generally isn’t worth the $15.00. But the rest of the collection sounds lovely! As usual, this collection is limited edition. It’s available through November 10th.

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