MAC Strawberry Blonde Dupe

MAC Strawberry Blonde is a gorgeous pinky reddish coral color that came out a very long time ago. I don’t know what collection it was exactly but I can tell by the batch number that my tube was made in 2005. Anyway, it’s one of my most beloved MAC lipsticks, and I’m not alone. However, duping the color is a bit of a task. 

Fast forward to me randomly trolling around CVS, which is one of my favorite passtimes. Often on a lunch break from work or whatever, I would go to the nearest drugstore (usually a CVS in this area), and call my mom to chit chat while I look at random stuffs. Anywho, this trip I was flying solo, and I saw a display for these L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks. I’d heard good things, and I was immediately drawn to the color Sunset Angora (#176). It came home with me.

The first time I put Sunset Angora on (in the car right after I bought it…heh…) I thought hey, this looks kind of familiar! But in a good way. Not in a “omg I have 10,000 lipsticks in this shade of pink!” way. Last night I finally decided to compare it to what it reminded me of – MAC Strawberry Blonde.

In the tube you can see a difference. Sunset Angora looks brighter and a touch more pink. However, as is often the case with dupes, once you swatch and then also try on the products the subtle differences become even less noticeable. Observe:

You can still see a subtle difference between Sunset Angora (top) and Strawberry Blonde. But the difference is more subtle than in the tube. On the lips? Barely any difference. Especially if you have pigmented lips.

So if you also love MAC Strawberry Blonde and colors of that ilk, you should definitely check out L’Oreal Sunset Angora. They may not be 100% exactly the same, but it’s really close. And the L’Oreal formula is really comfortable to wear. It’s moisturizing and smooth, similar to Revlon Lip Butters’ feel, but slightly less slick; they’re maybe a touch heavier. Sunset Angora is also buildable to a brighter shade if you are into that.


  1. […] the mid-’00s. (Sadly, MAC no longer sells it.) The pic above seems a bit orange, but if you go look at the comparison The Gloss Menagerie did, Sunset Angora is pretty close to Strawberry […]

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