Mail Call – 7-22-08

I know how we all eagerly await our packages in the mail! Here is what I have coming soon.

Coastal Scents 28-Shadow Neutral Palette
There’s a lot of buzz about this palette. I just had to give it a go myself. At $21.95, why not? But the shipping was steep! Over $8.00 for parcel post from FL to CA. Seemed a bit much. :\ The shipping is really the only thing deterring me from making further orders from Coastal Scents. You bet your boots I’m going to do a big ole’ review on it when I get it.

From swaps…

– 2 small decants of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. The boyfriend actually really likes this one, making it one of the few fragrances I like that he doesn’t make gagging noises about. He’s very mature. :)

– NYX eyeshadow in Sahara. Ok, I have a neutral eyeshadow obsession. They’re so practical it’s hard to say no…

– NYX eyeshadow trio in Ceramic. 3 new greys! Smokey eye heaven!

– Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in Gunmetal, Smoke, and Black Plum. These are my first BB items, and I’m very excited. I played with these during my last CCO trip and they’re soooo silky smooth! I can’t believe I never got into BB before. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m growing up? haha.

– MAC Style Minx lipglass. Okay just kidding, I’m not growing up too much if I’m swapping for atomic bright hot pink lipgloss, right?

– MAC Red lipstick. I can’t really say how often I’m going to wear this, but the color is gorgeous and I want to make myself see I can look good in red lipstick. Perhaps I’ll debut this at my birthday dinner next month? My parents and the boyfriend and I are going to a rather posh restaurant.

I’m so glad I discovered that I can wear bright lips and not look foolish, because they are so fun!


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