Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation First Impressions

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I’ve mentioned that I absolutely love Make Up For Ever HD and Face & Body foundations. I love pretty much everything I’ve tried by MUFE actually…so naturally I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to try their latest addition to the MUFE foundation family – Pro Finish.

MUFE Pro Finish comes in a sleek black compact with a sponge compartment below the powder. This is a powder that you can use wet or dry. MUFE says you can use it wet for a more satiny finish or dry for a completely matte finish. It is recommended as best for normal to oily skin. The shade range is pretty wide and apparently corresponds with the shade numbers for the HD foundation.

I’ll get right to it — I really didn’t like this foundation on me at all. If you have any dry skin, don’t pick this up. It emphasizes any dry skin you may have, used wet or dry. I did not know before trying that this was for oily skin, and I definitely agree that if it’s going to look good on anyone it’s definitely not dry skinned folks! I had moisturized my face well beforehand (I always do) and it still made me look like the Sahara.

Like in MUFE HD I am shade 110. Unlike HD, which kind of melds with the skin and is somewhat forgiving of variations in undertone, this powder seems to just sit on top of my skin. This 110 isn’t nearly as flattering as in the HD formula. Speaking of color, it seems to completely change when you use it wet vs. dry! The color isn’t nearly as off when I use it dry as it is when I use it wet. WEIRD.

Also, when I used the foundation wet, this happened:


That is a weird spot of a “film” left anywhere moisture touched the foundation. I scratched into it a little (that chip you see out of the darker area) and it does come off, but uhh…that doesn’t seem like a normal reaction for a product that is supposed to be wet/dry?? Once that area was wet, I couldn’t get any more product to come up. I’d have to scratch all that off the surface to use it again. How awkward. I am beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with the one I got? I don’t know.

Here’s some pics of how this foundation looks on me. I’m not wearing any other makeup in these pictures so yeah I look washed out…but the color is still pretty off:


It just looks kinda chalky and unattractive. I’m not wearing very much, as you can see by the fact that my freckles still show through. But check out around my nose – whaaaaat is going on?




Sooo I have to say my first impressions of this new foundation are that it’s an absolute no-go for me. I ended up removing it completely and starting from scratch on my makeup that day. If I knew someone the approximate skintone and who had oily skin I would try it on them (once I scraped off the awkward layer…??) but the fact that it reacted that way to being used wet makes me seriously wonder about oxidizing on oily skin.

I’m still a big MUFE fan, just not of this particular product. If you do have some dry skin, I recommend MUFE’s Face & Body or Liquid Lift foundations. While I love MUFE HD, it can cling to any very dry skin, so some people with dry skin may have difficulty with it – though if you can work with it, the effect is lovely.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish is available for $36 at Sephora and QVC, where reviews are mixed. Everything from “best foundation ever!” to “worst foundation – returning it!” If any of you have tried it I would love to know what you think!

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  1. At first I thought you are going to worship the product but I admire you for giving a very honest review. Why did they call this product Pro Finish if it didn’t even make your skin glow? Do you think this product has potential if they will reformulate?

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