Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

If you follow me on Twitter it’s no secret that I love Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. It’s definitely in my top favorites if not my favorite perfume. Certain scents just work on people, and Daisy is one of those for me. It’s fresh, pleasant, floral without being cloying, and softly romantic. So when I saw Daisy Eau So Fresh on the Sephora website I was really excited. And when it came in the mail to review, I was really really excited. I sprayed some on right away and have been wearing it for a few days.

The original Daisy – available at Sephora. Starting at $20.

Mr. Boyfriend, who is also a fan of the original Daisy on me, actually likes it. That’s a huge positive vote right there, as this man is picky when it comes to what I smell like. Very. Picky. He hates most of my perfumes, no matter how lovely I think they are haha. Daisy Eau So Fresh and the original Daisy make 2 out of the 3 of my perfumes he actually likes. Yay Marc Jacobs! Mr. Boyfriend agrees with me that you can tell the two fragrances are related, but they’re definitely quite different as well. I guess like sisters.

Youtube fragrance expert extrordinaire Katie Puckrik described Daisy as rolling down a grassy hill, or something like that. Well, if that’s what Daisy is, Daisy Eau So Fresh is like rolling down a grassy hill into a fruit basket. Eau So Fresh is bursting with bubbly fruity goodness on top of base notes that remind you this is still a Marc Jacobs Daisy relative. It’s maybe the fruity cocktail version of perfume. If Daisy is the beautiful bride, Daisy Eau So Fresh is that loud, possibly intoxicated bridesmaid. But not in a bad way. In a “that’s so going on Facebook later, heehee!” kind of way.

Daisy Eau So Fresh is a wonderful addition to the Marc Jacobs fragrance line, suitable for spring and summertime wearing. In places like So Cal, these kinds of fragrances get year-round wear and I am definitely going to be keeping this one in rotation.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is available at Sephora, starting at $70.
Sample provided by PR for consideration.

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