March 2013 Favorites

mofo[5]You know you love my pictures of random crap on my favorites posts. In fact, I think you secretly wait on bated breath every month to see what weird quirky image I will post.

Or not.

Okay, on to my favorites for the month of March. At the very beginning of the month I went to THE MAKEUP SHOW in LA, which is one of my favorite events, because I get to see my favorite people, and play with some of my favorite things! So it’s safe to say TMSLA was a favorite for March. ;)


#1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Palais Royale

This was my #1 favoritest (yes, favoritest) thing this month. I know it’s spring, but I am LOVING a vampy lip right now. Why the hell not? These Satin Lip Pencils are amazing. I just had a feeling when I read about them that I was going to love them, and sure enough!! They go on smooth, and are very comfortable to wear in addition to being easy to apply. I love the Velvet Gloss and Velvet Matte pencils, but Satin Lip Pencils are even better! I bought several at The Makeup Show, but Palais Royale is my favorite, and it hasn’t left my purse since I bought it. Here’s a picture of it on:


2. NARS Blush in Deep Throat

I also picked up Deep Throat at The Makeup Show! As I’ve started adding more and more NARS to my stash, I’ve been slowly ticking blushes off my wishlist. Deep Throat is a stunning peachy pink shade. I’m actually wearing it in the above picture as well. ;) I don’t think I even need to explain why NARS blushes are so awesome, but I will anyway – they’re super pigmented, but blend into the skin beautifully anyway. They are also not flat one-dimensional color. They just somehow manage to look alive on your skin. And long wearing? Oh hell yeah. I think next on my wishlist will be Torrid…

3. Stila Smudgestick in Stingray (black)

After watching countless videos on Youtube extolling the staying power of Stila Smudgesticks (even on the waterline!) I finally remembered to actually buy one at IMATS earlier this year. I gotta say, they aren’t wrong. This stuff really does last. Yes, even on the waterline. I have eyes that tend to water, and even I can wear this. I also like that it’s such a tiny point, making precision application easier (I won’t say it’s easy per se, because I think eyeliner application is hard…heh…).

4. Zoya Remove+

I painted my nails a lot during March. I’ve been experimenting with finding the best combination of top and basecoat, and I’ve obtained a bunch of new polishes. So that means lots of polish changes! And Remove+ is here through it all. I have 3 bottles of the stuff in various sizes/stages of use. It is far gentler on my hands/cuticles than other polish removers, and smells less terrible due to the lavender.

5. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I prefer to say I’m a creature of habit, but let’s be honest – I’m lazy. I keep this palette right on my vanity and because it’s easy to grab and even easier to wear (goes with everything!) I’ve been wearing it almost semi-constantly. Walk of Shame is literally the same color as my skin, so I can use it to just make myself look awake by evening out the coloration of my eyelids, or set my concealer with it, or use it as a matte brow highlight. I also love Naked 2, another great matte shade. This is just a little workhorse in my arsenal that I can’t help but love! That’s why it’s on my favorites list 2 months in a row.

6. China Glaze Hologlam Collection

Remember how I said I was doing a lot of nail painting this past month? Yeah. ;) I’ve been wearing all these HOLOS! They’re all gorgeous. You really can’t go wrong with any of them…

7. Seche Rebuild

Another must-have if you want strong nails is Seche Rebuild. This nifty nail treatment helps keep your nails strong, preventing breakage or peeling. I used to have REALLY bad peelies on my nails, but not anymore! I used up a bottle and just picked up a new one this past January at ISSE.

Those were my beauty-favs! Pretty straight forward. I also have developed a full-blown addiction to Kitchen Nightmares. I <3 me some Gordon Ramsey. Rawr!

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  1. I love Zoya’s polish remover! And you can’t go wrong with a Naked palette

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