March Favorites

I don’t know why, but it’s been difficult for me to find the inspiration to write my March favorites post. I haven’t really had too many products that made me go “WOW I love this!” but I have tried a few things that I enjoyed, so I will share that info with all of you of course.


Revlon Lip Butters! Still. I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m still kind of obsessed. I get a kick out of it when someone tries something I recommend and then they become addicted too. That’s what happened to my friend June after I wore Revlon Lip Butter in Brown Sugar to The Makeup Show LA. I’ve been wearing almost only lip butters for the past, oh, 6 to 8 weeks. I have three of them in my purse right now! They are Brown Sugar, Sugar Plum, and Tutti Fruity. Brown Sugar is a really pretty tawny color with a gold sheen. Since it’s not super opaque, some rosiness from my lips shows through and makes it wearable without looking too brown. If you like shades like MAC Cream in Your Coffee and Spice is Nice, you’ll love Brown Sugar! Sugar Plum is dark and scary looking in the tube but actually comes off as my lips but slightly pinker. Tutti Fruity is WHOA. It’s bright tangerine-coral. You can wear it sheerly if you so desire, but I do not desire. It’s ORANGE baby!! Do you guys want to see an overview of all my lip butters, my thoughts on the shades, with pictures etc? I haven’t done one because there’s so much out there on youtube and other blogs about lip butters, but if you want to see one more let me know.

Another Revlon product– Revlon Age-Defying foundation. I was needing a new foundation bad for The Makeup Show because my skin was even more dry than usual, and very red, irritated, and breaking out! SUPER! But so many foundations just look awful when your skin is so dry. I tried so many different moisturizers and primers along with the foundations I already had before giving up and deciding to just try something new. But of course by that point, it was too close to the day of the show to order something. Revlon was having a BOGO 1/2 off sale at the drugstore so I grabbed Colorstay for Normal to Dry Skin and Age-Defying For Dry Skin, and crossed my fingers. Well what do you know? This foundation is actually pretty decent. I’ll have a full review coming soon if you like. And probably even if you don’t like. The shade I have is their lightest, called Ivory I believe.

When Ulta was having their crazy sale I decided to pick up a set of Real Techniques brushes. I got the Core Collection because I wanted to try the buffer brush that I’ve heard so many people raving about on Youtube. The core collection comes with the buffer brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush, and the contour brush. I haven’t used the pointed foundation brush simply because I tend not to use the more “traditional” flat foundation brushes, but I have been using the other three quite a bit. I’m bummed that the buffer brush is only available in that kit. I would pick up another one if I could, but I don’t want another whole kit. It’s a very good brush and I’m quite happy with the whole kit. A review of those is forthcoming as well.

Skin Care

As my skin was freaking out in March, I decided to try a couple new skin care products, hoping they’d help soothe my skin. I grabbed Yes to Cucumbers‘ cleanser along with a facial scrub by Simple. I really like both products. The cleanser is really gentle and soothing. It doesn’t aggravate my most dry areas or leave my skin feeling really stripped. The facial scrub says it is moisturizing. Mr. Boyfriend and I are both using it. He isn’t a huge fan of it; he doesn’t like the amount of lather (or lack thereof, he says). However, I don’t have any issues with it at all. It lathers up just fine for me and scrubs gently without drying my face. Win. Both of those products are available at CVS.

I didn’t get to try it til The Makeup Show happened, but I finally got to try out Embryolisse Lait Creme! The man at their booth at The Makeup Show was kind enough to give me a tube to try it out. I LOVE IT. It wears really nicely under makeup and it moisturizes without being really heavy or greasy.

I wasn’t sure if I should put Dr. Jart Water-Fuse BB Cream under makeup or skin care, but finally just decided it was going under skin care. This BB cream is SO weird you guys, but I love it! It’s a gel-like texture when you squirt it out of the tube, but as soon as you start working it into your skin, encapsulated water molecules burst and give you a rush of moisture. It almost lathers. It’s so weird!! But it makes my skin feel really nice, and actually offers some coverage. It’s a very pale shade for those of you super fair girls who have had trouble finding a BB cream light enough. It’s available from Sephora.


So this isn’t a product really, but I’ve been completely obsessed with swatching all my nail polishes lately. I got some clear nail wheels from Buy In Coins and started swatching away. It’s so fun. I don’t know about you guys but I really enjoy painting my nails. I find the act of painting them very cathartic. So I can paint these wheels and not have to worry about cuticle drag or whatever. I know, I’m weird, but hey I wrote random right there on the post.


  1. I have to get onto this sort of thing, STAT. I’m so sucky at regular monthly posts etc :(

    •  You and me both! It’s so hard to make yourself do it sometimes lol…

  2. Sandra v says

    Yes I would love to see all your  Revlon lip butters! Im still annoyed they dont sell them in Holland (where I live).


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