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Admittedly I’ve been kinda out of the mark. scene for a while, but I realized I really needed to get back with it because I really love my mark. stuff, and some of the new products coming out are really cool. It doesn’t hurt that I am a rep, so there’s the incentive to have some income there too. ;) Hey, I’m unemployed– I need all the help I can get, right?
When I saw this kit I knew I had to mention it on my blog because it’s so cute! And a great deal. Emphasis on the great deal. I’m hyper budget conscious right now, so I haven’t purchased it yet…but if you’re looking for an all-in-one kit this is as good as it gets for the money. Now that I think about it, it’d probably make a really good gift for someone just getting started in makeup too.
Anyways…it’s so good because it comes with everything you need all in one palette. There are 3 eyeshadows in shades exclusive to the palette: Ruffle, Vanity, and Amped. Amped is dark enough to be used as a liner, so there’s your eyeliner too. The pro golden bronzer is also included in this kit, which is a very flattering shade. 
On the flip side (literally…) there are 3 glosses in Strut, Primp, and Sigh. I do know that the glosses are usually sheer, but Strut is a very bright punch of pink. The other 3 colors are 3-in-1 creams that can be used on eyes, lips, or cheeks. I hear they make excellent primers for the shadows, too.
So if you love your flip for its, get this! Or if you haven’t tried one yet…this is a good one to start with! This whole kit is just $20. Yeah, $20 flippin dollars for a palette with 10 products in it. Even more than 10 if you count each use for every product. 
I feel like Billy Mays (RIP) saying this, but wait, there’s more. If you get the It Kit, you also get a free travel brush set ($15 value). If that doesn’t seal the deal what will?! For just $5 more you can get free shipping! For the extra $5 I highly recommend the Cheat Sheet oil blotters. Can never have too many oil blotters in your purse, I say.
If you’re convinced and you want to buy, consider buying it from my mark. boutique. It’d really help me out. :)

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