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sorry for the long wait for a new update. Today I’m going to talk about the mark. skincare! I haven’t tried every product, but I’ll let you know what I think of the ones I have tried so that you know what to try and what to skip. Just a reminder that this launches 4/29/08. It won’t be online until 12pm EST.

That’s Deep purifying gel cleanser
This one’s a thumb’s up. It’s a very good basic cleanser without oil or fragrance. Do not take “no fragrance” to mean no scent. It’s just that there is no parfum or added fragrance in the product. The scent is because of the ingredients’ having a scent. :) I would recommend this to anyone with normal to oily skin. It’s fine on sensitive skin; mine is very sensitive and it tolerates this cleanser well. I would not however, rely on it to be your only eye makeup remover. Retail – $7

Matte Chance mattifying moisturizer
This one disappointed me so much. It mattifies so well. And I stayed matte for a good 6 hours. But it clogged my pores horribly. I seem to be the only rep I’ve talked to who has had this problem though. I feel so left out! Everyone else seems to love Matte Chance. My skin is too sensitive for almost all moisturizers though so I’m trying not to be too forlorn. Retail – $15

For Goodness Face moisturizer SPF 30
Eek, the smell. The downside to those fragrance free products is they often stink, lol. The smell goes away though, so that’s ok. Like pretty much all moisturizers with SPF in them this one left me feeling too greasy. I also believe it is the reason for 3 zits. See what I mean when I say I have sensitive skin?? I haven’t talked to anyone else who has broken out from it at this point. I guess I get to be the lucky one. ;) Retail – $15

See Things Clearly moisturizer
Third time’s a charm! This one’s my pick. It is a brightening moisturizer with lemon, orange, and lotus flower to brighten one’s complexion and fade unsightly marks. Oh, my gosh. The texture is so ideal. It’s a really light gel-like formula, which is what I needed so very badly. I love this stuff. It actually keeps me even more matte than Matte Chance did, and keeps my skin looking fabu. Retail – $15

Kiss Dry Goodbye lip smoother
This one was my biggest disappointment. I can totally understand moisturizers breaking me out because I have ridiculously sensitive skin and that’s bound to happen any time I try a new skincare product, haha. But this lip smoother is what they came out with to replace one of my favorite mark items of all time, Kiss Xpert (lip exfoliator/smoother). This Kiss Dry Goodbye is just another lip balm. It contains sugar which gives it the sweet smell, but other than that it just feels like Aquaphor, which we all know is fancy Vaseline! The only plus side is that since it’s a hook-up item, it is very convenient for in a purse. I’ll stick to my lipsmackers though. Retail – $8

Mist Opportunity refreshing toner spray
This is mark’s answer to Fix+. It’s got lemongrass, kiwi, and grapefruit – yummy antioxidants for your skin! Works really nicely to refresh skin and add a hint of moisture. Also great for setting mineral makeup. Retail – $8


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