MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper

Okay kiddies…mascara review time! I will be the first one to say that I have not been a fan of MaxFactor in the past! Their eyeshadow trios suuuck (seriously worst pigmentation ever– avoid!) and the first time I tried the original MF 2000 calorie mascara my upper lashes stuck to my bottom lashes (and I hadn’t applied any mascara to my bottom lashes???) and got caught and… well it was a big sticky mess!

Aaanywho. Does this packaging look like something else you’ve seen recently? No? Well picture the above mascara in safety orange. A-ha! CoverGirl Lash Blast! Yes! there is a resemblance in the tube isn’t there? Both of the tubes are huge with big fat rubber brushes. Since this one has such a ridiculously long name I lovingly refer to it as BlackBlast since it looks like LB only with a black tube.

However…some of you might remember that I hate LashBlast. Oh yes, the much-beloved LashBlast is totally on my s list. It didn’t really do anything to my lashes. And then it flaked. Uh, what? Not ok. I promise you that this is way, way better!

First of all…this amuses me. Look at the packaging:

I LOVE the cheesiness! Extreme lash plumping! Caution! I lol’ed. And when I hear extreme it just makes me want to air guitar.
Ok seriously? BIGGER IS BETTER!!! It makes me giggle. Because I’m like, mentally 12 years old.

Anyways, the mascara! It’s FAB. When I apply it, there’s a HUGE difference. It’s very very dark black, and actually does plump up my lashes like it says. What a concept. It also amplifies and holds their natural curl very well. Would it curl naturally straight lashes? Probably not. I don’t think any mascara can actually curl. But I have natural curl to my lashes, and this helps amplify that. It is billed as a volumizing mascara, so my expectations of length were not high for this bad boy, but actually it does lengthen. Not a lot, but “enough”. If I put the Ulta lash primer underneath I get a lot more length. Oh, for a volumizing mascara this stuff does not clump. That’s thanks to the badass spikey rubber brush. My application technique is kind of inconsistent; I just kinda play with it until it looks right, but things I do are:

– sweep lashes in an upward motion from root to tip
– sweep lashes in an upward motion from root to tip and then wiggle the brush back and forth a bit at the ends of the lashes
– twirl (rotate) the brush as I’m sweeping in an upward motion from root to tip (that one’s for extra bonus points, because it takes a bit of coordination to not stab yourself in the eye).

In addition to making my lashes look pretty damn awesome, this mascara does NOT smudge or flake. And I mean I’ve put it through all the tests– crying (well, my eyes watered heavily), and falling asleep in it and taking a 2 hr nap. It looks just as good when I wake up as when I fell asleep and did the bad bad girl thing of falling asleep in it! My eyes weren’t even red. Didn’t irritate them at all. Aaaand…my lashes don’t stick to my bottom lashes like they did with the original formula.

SO. Bottom line? I freakin’ love this stuff.

MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper is available at Ulta for 9.99 or for…..I think 6.99? It was a lot less than Ulta, that’s for sure. Other than those 2 places I’m not sure where it’s being found. It’s still pretty new. I know I haven’t seen it at CVS or Walgreens yet.


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