Men Are Smelly But It’s Not (All) Their Fault…

The other day I was talking to Mr. Boyfriend as he dutifully applied a skincare product he is testing out. He was giving me his preliminary thoughts on it, and asking me some questions about how it’s supposed to work, etc. He said it was “okay” but that he really didn’t like the smell. He made a face and said he didn’t like to smell like chemicals. I took a whiff. Yup, it was pretty chemically. :\

“What would you want it to smell like?” I asked. We both agreed that it seems like a lot of men’s skincare products have an unpleasant theme: bad smell. Many brands, like the one he was trying out, put no fragrance in their products whatsoever. But the important thing to remember is “fragrance free” is not the same as having no scent. Instead, you get to smell like whatever the ingredients to a pore minimizer smell like. Which apparently is not pleasant at all.
Other brands go the opposite way and heavily scent their products with ghastly musky cologne-type scents that end up smelling a lot like the Pirates of the Caribbean bubble bath we bought as a joke from the dollar store. (No I am not making this up. It’s pirate scented. Smells like dirty old man mixed with cologne and whiskey. Sick! They call the scent “mariner’s musk”. Oh 99 cent store.) Neither of these is a good solution. Very often it seems like the only difference between skincare marketed towards men and other skincare products is the ones for men smell wack. It may very well be a huge reason why many men hate using skincare products.
So what do men want to smell like? As for my boyfriend and several other men I’ve spoken to, they don’t want to smell like chemicals or cologne. They just want to smell fresh. No wonder so many men out there was their faces with *cringe* bar soap. Soap usually smells fresh and clean.
As for actual skincare products that smell really nice and fresh, my boyfriend likes and recommends the Clearsil Stayclear scrub he reviewed previously, or Neutrogena’s mens line.


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