Multitask with Anna Sui’s Multipurpose Mini Rouge Lockets!

Anna Sui is known for sending classic-yet-updated designs down the runway, but unless you have a ridiculously generous budget for designer baubles, her accessories aren’t usually accessible. That’s why when the designer does come out with something affordable for those of us who aren’t in the market for fresh-off-the-ramp trinkets, they sell out in a flash. For example, those rose-shaped lip gloss rings that sold like hot cakes before any of us could get a hold of one! But luckily, Anna Sui is back with her makeup-jewelry hybrids (with a much more sufficient supply, I hope!), with her Mini Rouge gloss charms!

While it’s not as cute and compact as the sold out ring version, the black resin rose-shaped rouge “locket” is still super cute and can be worn on a necklace, a bracelet, a key chain, or just thrown in your bag! Available at Urban Outfitters, it comes in 10 different sparkly, sheer, or bright shades and has an easy-to-apply dewy, glossy texture. Though it’s advertised as “gloss,” the product is actually multipurpose — eyes, lips, cheeks, highlighter, etc — so it’s the perfect on-the-go product for quick minor touch-ups!

– Alex Gambardella for TheFind

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