Must Have Makeup Mirror

I often find myself cruising the Sephora website just to see what’s new. I’m weird like that. Call it an “occupational hazard” of being a beauty blogger. I squee’ed with glee at seeing this mirror on the Sephora website:

The stars mean it’s shiny. 

The Sephora lighted compact mirror is $15, and a convenient size for a purse. Perfect for when you want to touch up on the go but lighting is less than ideal. It reminded me of a lighted mirror I saw Lorraine Stanick showing on her Youtube channel, but cheaper. I added it to my Amazon Wishlist (god I’m addicted to using that Universal Wishlist button!), but removed it when I saw an identical mirror on the Buy In Coins website for $5.48 and free shipping. The price per piece goes down if you order more than 1, by the way.
It comes in assorted colors and you do not get to choose, but they’re all fine and for the price I didn’t really care. I lucked out though! The mirror I got is PINK! I hit the color lottery. It’s adorable!
Sorry for the fingerprints. Didn’t notice until I’d already uploaded the photos. Oops.

“Action Shot”
One other cool thing is if you notice the picture on the BIC website, the bottom part of the mirror swivels all the way back, so it can just sit on your tabletop both ways. It’s a really handy little mirror with a very sturdy magnetic closure. The lights are turned on with a little button in the hinge. 
Even though it took quite a while to get here (BIC is in Hong Kong and often shipping takes 2-4 weeks. For me it took about 2, including the holiday rush). At this price, you could afford to get a few and keep them all over the house, in the car, and in each purse! They’d also make a great gift or party favor. I really love this mirror! Sometimes it’s really the little things that make me so very happy when it comes to makeup.


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