My Ongoing Skincare Saga

As I have mentioned, my skin has been driving me insane lately. I think it’s about 99% hormonal, but I’m still trying to do what I can to tame the insane breakouts I’ve been having lately. In a fit of despair, I decided to cave to a year-long wishlist item:

The Clarisonic.

The Clarisonic face brush was created by the chief inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush. We all know the Sonicare is pretty much the Rolls Royce of toothbrushes, and I have heard many, many raves about the Clarisonic. I have the Clarisonic Pro in pink.

Yes. It comes in pink!

I have used it twice now with the “delicate” brush head (they come in 3 types from hardest to softest: normal-grey, sensitive-white, and delicate-blue). I have a sensitive brush head that I will use later. I have realistic expectations so I’m not expecting my skin to be clearing up or anything that drastic, but I do notice my skin feels softer already.

The Clarisonic brush retails for the hefty price tag of $195. However, I got mine on ebay from fantastic seller skincare777. My total including shipping and insurance came to about $174. That price included the Clarisonic in pink, a sensitive brush head, a delicate brush head, a coupon for another free brush head, and 3 sample/travel size clarisonic cleansers.

And even better is now Ebay has this deal with their mastercard where you get 0% APR until January 2009. So I put it on the ebay mastercard and I will pay it off in a few months and then not use the card again. Hooray interest-free loan from ebay. :) Thanks ebay!

While I was very much enjoying MAC Cleanse-Off Oil’s removing powers, I am going to hold off on using it for a while to make sure it was not aggravating an already icky situation. I’ve started using the gentle cleanser that came with the clarisonic. It has aloe in it so I thought it might be good. My skin feels a lot less dry/tight than when I was using the cleanse-off oil + purpose cleanser combo. I have been told I simply must try philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser, so that’s on my “interest” list, too.

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