My Splitends Makeover – Pt 1


Did any of you participate in this week’s Hawt on Yelp event in OC? Or in your own area? I did! I visited Splitends Salon in Costa Mesa, CA and sat down with the lovely Gina Forestieri for a new ‘do. You can read all about how awesome Gina and the rest of the crew at Splitends are on Yelp. Splitends is one of the most popular salons in OC, and for good reason.

The atmosphere is one of a kind. The salon itself is a little building that looks like a box! Isn’t it cute? It’s kind of tucked away on a side street and a little hard to find, especially in the dark, but with my trusty Garmin helping me along, I managed to find it. The inside is stark white and red, very mod and very cool. It’s small, but cozy and clean. The stylists are all super nice and friendly. Getting my hair done felt like I was just hanging out with the girls, shooting the breeze, talking about everything from our school days to shocking revelations in the modeling industry. Oh, but I was also getting a totally awesome haircut.

I think Gina might be short for genius, because this fast-talking babe really knows how to cut hair. I came in with a…well, sort of bob I guess, which sat around my shoulders. Except it was very uneven in the back and bluntly cut. It wasn’t that noticable until I flat ironed it, which is when the oddities in the back began to show. Gina gave me such a cute cut. It’s the shortest I’ve ever had my hair at a little below my ears, but I am not scared of short hair. In fact, I love it. My short hair sits close to my neck, almost like a 40’s style cloche hat. I also have bangs again! Fantastic fringey bangs. Love it. The cut totally changes my whole look and makes me feel sassy and confident. Gina is great. She’s so fast, too! My bad hair cut took well over an hour. The good one took 45 minutes from start to finish including shampoo and styling!

I would absolutely recommend Gina and Splitends to anyone in So-Cal looking for a great salon and stylist. I can’t wait to head back for my first free bang trim (bang trims are free for everyone!).

Stay tuned for part 2 of my Splitends experience, including PICTURES of my new hair!

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