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Ahhh the dusty hunt. For those who do not know what dusty hunting is, it’s basically poking around in little nail shops, checking out their “dusties” – or old nail polishes that are for sale. Not always old, but there are often great things to be found. The first time I went dusty hunting I think I had some beginners luck. I found the very hard to find China Glaze Channelesque!

Today’s dusty hunt took place at Beauty Zone, a shop I didn’t have much luck at last time. But since stock changes, I took my chances. :) Here’s what I hauled…

The fact that these shades all go together is a complete happy accident. I’m really into pale shades these days as you can tell. From left to right they are: OPI Step Right Up, OPI I Juggle…Men, and OPI I Vant To Be A Lone Star. Then China Glaze Princess Grace and China Glaze Oxygen.
OPI Step Right Up
OPI I Vant To Be A Lone Star
OPI I Juggle…Men
China Glaze Princess Grace (which I swear is totally different from Step Right Up, it’s just hard to tell in pics) is from the Monte Carlo collection.
China Glaze Oxygen (Creme Couture Collection)
The best part about this haul? The entire thing only cost me $16.50. Not bad considering that OPI is usually $8.50 by itself unless you’re buying from an etailer. Beauty Zone is also typical in that they do not charge tax if you pay with cash. Each China Glaze was $2.25, and the OPIs were $4 each.
In my pictures, I’m wearing Zoya Gemma, but I removed it because it was chipped and needed to be re-done. I’m going to have trouble deciding which polish to use next. ;)


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