Nails From The Bottom Up


This week’s Monday Mash-Up is all about NAILS – my favorite base & top coat combo.

Finding the right combination of base and top coat can be something akin to finding the perfect pair of jeans. You want optimum  adhesion, wear time, dry time, shine – sometimes it can be quite tricky. These are my favorite base & top coat. They don’t include my favorite nail treatments, which are sometimes used in conjunction with or in place of these!


For base coat I really like OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. It’s a pretty basic base coat. I get really great wear time with it. It smooths out my nails nicely.


The topcoat I like is Essie Good To Go! topcoat. It’s really shiny and dries quickly. I know a lot of people like Seche Vite, which I also use (mostly because I have like 4 bottles of it…) however the wear time isn’t as great. The Essie top coat doesn’t chip as quickly as Seche Vite does.

The combo of these two usually gives me about a week of wear, depending on the polish!


  1. i have never tried either of these base & top coats before but I’m a huge Essie fan and do like OPI so i would love to in the future:)xx

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