Napoleon Perdis Lash Base – Initial Review

As I wrote previously I picked up the Napoleon Perdis Lash Base (which is called Madame Prep). My initial thoughts are that it is nice, but not like holycrapimpressive. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it holds my curl throughout today. I’m wearing it with stila major lash mascara…thought it would be best to test it out with a non-WP mascara to see if it really helps improve curl hold at all or if it’s just about adding length.

As far as adding length, “flutteryness”…it’s pretty good but not amazing. I’m gonna try pairing it with a really WOW mascara next to see if I get amazing results. :) I’m also going to experiment with letting the base dry a little bit before applying the mascara.

It retails for $25…would not be worth that..but since I paid $12.50, I feel it’s worth the price so far.

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