New Addition to My Routine

My skin is weird.

We got a lot of rain in so-cal recently, and I noticed that the rainier and wetter it got outside, the more dry my skin got. To the point where wearing foundation was nearly pointless because it would just look gross anyway– all of my makeup is carefully picked out for what my skin usually does, which is start out fairly normal with occasional oiliness in the t-zone, especially late in the day. Not so much with the dry skin. Ick.

So I decided to add more moisture to my skincare routine. I still use Alba Botanica Sea Lipid Daily Cream as my daytime moisturizer and love it to pieces, but I have added a new night cream: Alba Botanica Jasmine & Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

I picked it out because I had a lot of trouble finding my first moisturizer love with Alba in the first place. I figured if it’s the same line, they would probably have something more intense with similar ingredients that would work for me. They do. It’s called Sea Plus Renewal Cream. I changed my mind though when I found the jasmine cream. Something about the jasmine cream’s ingredients just appealed to me more. It has slightly less oil than the Sea Plus, and a lower concentration of jojoba oil. I know that my skin can’t handle massive amounts of jojoba; I used to use straight jojoba as a cleansing oil but it broke me out.

What really drew me in to the jasmine cream is the texture. It feels whipped and luxurious, and sinks right in to the skin without leaving me feeling greasy. However, I can really feel that my skin is moisturized. It also has a really pleasant jasmine scent that I know will be very relaxing when I apply this before bed. The fragrance lingers for a little while, but that doesn’t surprise me considering it’s literally right under my nose.

I will continue to use the jasmine cream and see how it works out! It’s approximately $17 depending on where you buy it (I get my Alba @ Ralph’s grocery store), and comes in an attractive 3 oz jar.

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