New BeneFit Lipgloss

BeneFit has launched their new collection of lip glosses! They come in a variety of gorgeous shades (8 to be exact) and I am pleased that the website has really nice swatches of them. ;) The one featured above is “life on the a list”. BeneFit says these glosses are non-sticky, for those of you who dislike tacky glosses. And when I say tacky I mean like sticky not like tres gauche.

The cool thing about the glosses that I noticed immediately is…check out the applicator. BeneFit calls this a “soft cushion paddle”. It is a new twist on the traditional doefoot. I really like it! It looks like it would definitely help the application of gloss. And of course the tubes with the cute loopy design are so adorable. I love BeneFit’s packaging!
The glosses retail for $18.00 and you can get free shipping on any order that includes a new lipgloss with the code LIPGLOSS.


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