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The MAC Pro website is getting a makeover with a bunch of great new features that I am really excited about! In the next few weeks the site is getting totally re-done, and some of the features we can look forward to are:
– Simplified sign-in process and easier navigation
– Connect with pro members around the world
– Shop pro products and receive your pro member discount on
That last one is huge. I mean, getting to connect with other MAC Pro members is really really cool, but the convenience of being able to make pro orders on the main MAC site is going to be awesome. As of now you can only get your pro discount if you order through the pro website. I’m wondering if this new capability means MAC Pro members will now be able to use the free shipping codes that are all over the place every five minutes from MAC? In the past year as a MAC Pro member, I’ve only gotten 1 free shipping code. The main MAC site offers them literally year-round it seems. It’s the one kind of downer about ordering your pro products. Not everyone has the luxury of being 30 minutes from a pro store location. For many MAC Pro members ordering online is their only option. MAC Pro members do get free shipping with a purchase of $150 or more, limit 5 orders per year. It’s helpful, but getting to use those free ship codes would be super. ;) Besides, I’m also a hermit and prefer to order stuff online than deal with mall parking lots and crazy shoppers. *shudder*
If you’re reading this and asking “wtf is a MAC pro product?” then good news, here’s your answer. According to the MAC Pro website, pro products are designed for makeup artistry professionals. They’re generally more pigmented, and more versatile. Many of the MAC pro products have multiple uses. You do not have to be a pro member to purchase these products. You just would be paying full price since only members get a discount. These products are only available at MAC Pro store locations and online (or you can order by phone by calling 800-387-6707 ext. 8555). To find your closest MAC Pro location, try their store locator.
Some examples of MAC Pro Products are…
Lip Erase
Mixing Medium
Chromagraphic Pencils
Paint Sticks
There are also specific pro-only shades of eyeshadow, pigment, and lipstick, as well as pro-specific foundations and other skin enhancers. 
Since it gets asked a lot, I’ll address the question “how do I become a member?” too. You must be a professional in the industry. It doesn’t just apply to makeup artists; you can also be a member if you are a hairdresser, model, photographer, performer/on-air talent, stylist/costume designer, nail technician, etc. There is also a really cool student program. To find out if you qualify and what you need to do in order to get the membership process rolling, check out this page for all enrollment info.
In addition to getting access to a sweet discount on MAC, pro members also get access to exclusive pro membership classes and workshops with the MAC senior artists! Very cool. I haven’t been to one of these classes yet, but I’m dying to, and will as soon as I can pony up the $$ to go. It’s redeemable in product for most of the classes, but it’s still money and that’s hard to come by sometimes. ;) 


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