New Prescriptives – Love!

So yesterday I went to South Coast Plaza to pay a visit to Macy’s. The Prescriptives sales associate was a lot more helpful than the one at Laguna Hills Mall. She agreed that the Flawless Skin concealer I’d been sold has a tendency to get cakey after applying, which was my chief complaint, and that it was a little dark for me (you could barely tell in indoor lighting but it was slightly off). However, she said I wouldn’t be served well by the custom blend concealer because it’s more geared towards undereye concealing. She suggested I try the new Anywear Multi-Purpose Stick.

Wow! This product is awesome. It’s a tiny little stick foundation. The coverage is FULL but very light. I feel like I have nothing on. It comes in all the same colors are Anywear foundation and powder, which is a very wide range. I (naturally) was the lightest shade in the Blue/Red tone group. The shade is called Camelia. It blends into my skin and disappears. All I’m left with is natural looking coverage. For $35 you get 2 of the foundation sticks. I have one in my bag and one in my makeup stash at home.

Yesterday and today I wore nothing on my face but this stick foundation in the spots where I needed it. I set it with powder. Here is an awkward pic of me that shows how it looks.

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